Representations of women

What do you think this leaflet is advertising?
What do you think this leaflet is advertising?

I found this leaflet a couple of years ago – at a beer festival if I remember correctly – and re-found it this week in a folder full of stuff. What do you think it is about? (Please do add comments to this as I am interested to know your thoughts).

It is a recruitment leaflet for the Round Table which is a sort of social club that does a lot of charity fundraising work – but is a men only organisation.

I remember reading the leaflet and being shocked that the Round Table was men only and then being angry that a sexualised image of a woman was being used to try and sell that organisation.

I will issue a disclaimer here that this leaflet is – as mentioned above – a couple of years old and the RT may well have seen the error of its ways and dropped this campaign but it is still an example of how mainstream it is to exploit women’s sexuality to sell things.

If we picked a group based on nationality or race and continually used images of members of that group in this way would that be ok? Of course it wouldn’t. There would be justifiable – and necessary – uproar. So why is it ok to use women – half the population – this way?



  1. Yes – I remember seeing this at a beer festival (Dorchester Beerex I think) and being quite horrified. I think it was a misguided attempt to appeal to the younger males as the RT are, I believe, mostly the older generation. That doesn’t make it OK.

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