About this blog

This blog has a new name: Frank ‘n’ Sharp.

Why? Well the old title, Not Sophie Anderton’s Blog, originally came out of what I considered to be an amusing mishearing of my surname (I’m Sophie ATHERTON not Anderton) and was meant to juxtapose my feminism with Ms Anderton and the sort of lad’s mags she frequently appeared in. (You know the ones… loads photos of women in their underwear, reducing us to little more than tits and arse, and aimed at giving the chaps something to wank over without having to buy an ‘actual’ porn mag).

This blog aims, among other things, to be both the antithesis of and an antidote to the attitudes and actions epitomised by that sort of magazine. But I’ve decided to give the other Sophie A a bit of a break and given those mags all seem to be going down the swanny (hurrah!) I thought it was time for a name change.

Why Frank ‘n’ Sharp? Well it’s going to be frank and sharp! (and Frank, ok Frances actually, is one of my middle names.)

Despite the name change you can still expect to read plenty about gender and women’s issues – because I am a feminist and still exasperated/sickened/angered/outraged by the discriminatory, degrading, dismissive and murderous way women continue to be treated in the 21st Century.

Too often it is as if the sole reason for our existence is as something a man might want to fuck. We are looked at, judged and either found to be fuckable (in which case we then become the subject of, at best, degrading remarks and mistreatment and at worst sexual violence, rape and murder) or not worth fucking (in which case we are at best ignored and at worst subjected to degrading remarks, mistreatment, sexual violence, rape and murder).

Not all men view women this way, but too many do. Some women speak out about the problem, but not enough do.

Misogyny, sexism, sexual discrimination against women, the patriarchy – call it what you will it is unfair, unjust and unacceptable.

You’ll find me writing and ranting about it on here – with occasional guest posts from my friends.