About this site

This site is now called Frank ‘n’ Sharp & Green


It used to be called Not Sophie Anderton’s Blog, and was named for what I considered an amusing mishearing of my surname (I’m ATHERTON not Anderton). It was meant to juxtapose my feminism with Ms Anderton and the sort of lad’s mags she frequently appeared in.

But I want to widen the range of things I write about here. Feminism will remain a regular topic (until the end of the patriarchy), but there are other important issues I want to cover too, especially the environment. Not least because we are at a crunch point for the planet. Politics and society/culture will also crop up – because government and how we live can’t ever be separate from the environment. 

But we all need some R ‘n’ R from the serious/doom and gloom sometimes! Hence I also want to cover some of the things that fascinate me and bring me joy – such as books, wildlife and art.

Sometimes these themes will overlap and in any case they are all things which make for a rich and interesting life… I hope you’ll agree.

Why Frank ‘n’ Sharp? Well I hope it will be frank and sharp – the latter as in well-observed, but also (if and when necessary) sharp-tongued. The ‘& Green’ is an attempt to show how important I think environmental issues are – and that being green (eg, sustainable and environmentally friendly) is essential.